The Cowboys of Bannock County

Closely associated with the Indians in the minds of many people, especially in the east, are the cowboys. The prevalent idea in the eastern states about the far west is much the same today as it was fifty years ago an illusion that the moving pictures help to keep alive. And yet, prosaic as it …read more

The Stagecoach in Bannock County, Idaho

Previous to 1863 there was no regular line of transportation through Bannock County, the mails being carried by pony express, which made the postage on letters cost from fifty cents to one dollar each, and the few people whose business called them across southern Idaho traveled singly or in groups, in the saddle, or by …read more

The Railroad in Bannock County, Idaho

It occurs to few men, as they glide smoothly across the Snake River in a vestibule train, and watch the seething waters toss and tumble below the substantial iron bridge, to think of the problem the passage of this same stream afforded the traveler of fifty years ago. In his “Ventures and Adventures,” Ezra Meeker …read more

Nez Percé Indian War in Bannock County

In the days when Bannock was a part of Oneida County, the Nez Perce Indians went on the warpath. The trouble started in Oregon and ended a thousand miles away at Bear Paw, Montana. Several accounts of this outbreak have been published, some of them going into much detail, but no one, to our knowledge, …read more

Natural History of Bannock County, Idaho

Nature is the greatest of all historians. She is alike the most accurate and interesting. Her pen is the impress of time, and in characters more durable than the most lasting creations of man, she has written the story of the ages as they rolled slowly by. Impartial, unprejudiced, and in this respect omniscient, she …read more

Leaders of Bannock County

There are twenty-three counties in the state of Idaho, of which sixteen have a smaller and six a larger population than Bannock, while twelve counties have a smaller area and ten a larger. Therefore, Bannock is one of the larger counties of the state. This position she has creditably maintained in both the number and …read more

Indians of Bannock County, Idaho

Some years ago, when life was young and all the world one luring and beckoning field of adventure, the writer of this modest history spent five dollars to hear Dan Beard, Ernest Seton Thompson and others, lecture on “Woodcraft and Indians.” They spoke of the “noble red man,” and pictured a romantic and heroic being …read more

Bannock County, Idaho Genealogy and History

Bannock County, Idaho Genealogy and History

Welcome to Bannock County, Idaho a part of the American History and Genealogy Project (AHGP). It is our goal to provide you with the best information possible when searching for your Bannock ancestors. We are Judy White and Dennis Partridge and we will be your host for Bannock County, Idaho. If you have information you …read more

History of Pocatello, Bannock County, Idaho

The city of Pocatello, so named in memory of an Indian chief, stands at the western entrance to the Portneuf canyon, and for that reason is appropriately known as the “Gate City.” Its site marks the junction of the Montana and Idaho divisions of the Oregon Short Line railroad, and the tremendous volume of traffic …read more

Fort Hall, Bannock County, Idaho 1

There are many historical spots in the United States unmarked by a monument, but there are probably few cases on record of a monument searching for a vanished site. Such is the case of the stone pillar purchased by subscription to mark the original site of Fort Hall. In 1906 Ezra Meeker traveled along the …read more