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Goodale North Trail

The writing of this paper required the inclusion of many before unpublished accumulated facts, and a complicated weaving together of the information was necessary for the complete picture to be painted. Therefore it is well documented, very detailed, and somewhat deductively presented in some places. The historical facts are clear, but in places one must also have an innate sense of trail history and trail thinking to understand, and maybe to interpret some informational blanks. It is not quickly readable like an entertaining novel. It is intended to present all facts possible, and sometimes to follow the routes of the trail that are covered with repetitious but interconnecting information. Some early definitions within the body of the paper are necessary, and a complimentary following and study of the appropriate maps during the reading will help in systematically connecting all of the information.  November 29, 2004 (Updates of January 3 & 9, 2005, added after Endnotes, with references in the body of the Paper!)

James W. McGill

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